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Wayne Hussey – The Mission (UK)

Wayne Hussey – The Mission (UK)



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Z organizačních důvodů je koncert přesunut ze
SING SING Music Club, Na Pankráci 1600, Praha 4
na scénu
Gauč ve Stromovce, Výstaviště 415, Praha 7.

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Wayne Hussey
Salad Daze Standard and Special Editions published by
Omnibus Press
23rd May

Each chapter features a specially curated playlist   Stream them HERE See Youtube playlist HERE

“He is one of a kind, and whether he likes it or not, he’s an absolute legend, and I can’t think of anyone on planet Earth who has a better story to tell.” Gary Numan

"After years and years of living with repression and religious guilt, I had finally shaken off those shackles to become the clichéd licentious, degenerate, promiscuous rock star - everything that my mother had feared I'd become." Wayne Hussey

Wayne explains why he wrote Salad Daze now; “I'd recorded seven albums in eight years, and by the time we'd finished the last Mission album in 2016 I felt creatively exhausted and needed to do something else for a while. I'd been approached about writing an autobiography but always felt I'd rather make music than write a book. With my 60th birthday fast approaching it just felt like the right time to sit down and recall my life. It's a strange thing, writing about yourself. There's a certain conceit involved, that your life warrants recording and might be of interest to someone else, and it took me a while to come to terms with that premise. But once I did I thoroughly enjoyed the process.” 

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