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LMFAO - The Cherrytree Pop Alternative Tour

Praha 7-Holešovice
24.2.12 21:00 (Pá)
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Koncert LMFAO v TIPSPORT Areně se bude muset obejít
bez zraněného party-rockera Sky Blua!
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The upcoming concert of the dance band LMFAO, taking place on Friday, Feb 24, will have to happen without injured Sky Blu. The band’s management informed about it. The concert will take place under same circumstances as if Sky Blu could perform though – there is over 40 dancers, performers, DJs and artists coming to Prague - it will be a brilliant, breath-taking show lead by Redfoo, supported by Far East Movement and Cherrytree Revue together with Natalia Kills.

Prague, Feb 7 -- LMFAO announced today that party rocker Sky Blu cannot perform at the scheduled Canadian and European Cherrytree Pop Alternative Tour due to the severe back injury. Sky Blu was diagnosed with 3 herniated discs in December. Currently his back simply cannot take the stress of any performance as the pain becomes crippling. Sky's physician concluded the herniated discs were still too damaged to allow him to perform and any physical activity could negate any progress in his recovery. Sky Blue will continue treatment until the mid-March, when he hopes to join the European leg of The Cherrytree Pop Alternative Tour. 

Unrelenting in his commitment to global dance floor-domination, Redfoo will lead their loyal platoon of party rockers into Canada and through the first month of Europe until Sky Blu can return. LMFAO has previously performed at shows only with Redfoo in London, New York, Ibiza and Los Angeles, and the shows offered the full LMFAO experience.

"LMFAO is a super group and our mission since the beginning is to change this world into a party planet, one show at a time!  Health being a number one priority, it's important for Sky Blu to heal his back properly and recharge his party powers!"
says Redfoo.
Redfoo also adds, "The LMFAO fans, better known as LMFAO-sters, Baby Babies, Party Rockers, Wigglemeisters and Shufflin Zomb Zombs, have supported us through thick and thin all the way to number one! It is my duty to carry out LMFAO's Party Planet mission and keep the Party Rockin’, with super friends:  The Quest Crew, DJ Air, Q Da Danca, Shuffle Bot, Nate & Furr, and Charley Pearl better known as Redfoo & the Party Rock Crew."

Eager to return to the stage Sky Blu added "Injuries like these are tough because you can’t see them... you can only feel them. It’s been a challenging last month but I'm doing everything necessary to be back at 100%. I can't wait to get back out there. Until then, keep the party going!!"

Fource Entertainment which is preparing the show in Prague released the following statement:
"We are very sorry that Sky Blu cannot perform here, but health is of utmost importance – we wish for Sky Blu’s early recovery and best health. We invite all fans of LMFAO, who have been absolutely great, to come and cheer for Sky Blu at the Prague concert, to build up positive energy that would help him recover soon. There will be many great artists and performers, as Redfoo has already said, it will be a grand party which we will remember for long."

LMFAO & Cherrytree Revue concert takes place on Friday, February 24, at 9:00pm at Prague’s TIPSPORT Arena (former Tesla Arena, home of Prague’s Sparta hockey team). 

Tickets LMFAO - The Cherrytree Pop Alternative Tour ZDE