“Vamos al tiroteo”
F.G.Lorca in modern interpretation of top-class flamenco ensemble

We recommend you our Flamenco performance that is winning many critics and also audiences awards and that becomes the cultural event of the year in Spain.

The performance is held under the auspices of the Spanish Embassy in the Czech Republic.

A dancer and a choreographer Rafaela Carrasco was born in 1972 in Seville. She is one of the most outstanding representatives of avant-garde flamenco dancing.
 She started dancing at the age of six. She got the first professional guidance at school of Matilde Coral, one of the most reputable flamenco dancing celebrities. She continued improving her dance education at many professors and in various fields.  She studied classical dance, modern dance, Spanish folklore and flamenco dancing. Under the guidance of a dancer and choreographer Mario Maya she performed in Compania de Mario Maya ensemble and she began the member of Compania Andaluza de Danza. At the age of thirty she moved to Madrid, where she started developing as solo dancer. She was invited to cooperate with many famous flamenco dancers and choreographers as Belén Maya, Israel Galván, Rafael Campallo, Christina Hoyos and many others. The dance of Rafaela Carrsco is technically perfect and perfectly sensual. She throws the stereotypes which limits away. Her exhibition is full of emotions, tender sense, passion and aggression.

The production comes out of legendary recording from 1931, where a dramatist and poet F.G.Lorca accompanied a flamenco star La Argentinita on piano, performing selection of Spanish folk songs.
Rafaela Carrasco on the basis of these songs composes successful synthesis of the tradition and the present with enormous sense and rich creative invention.
Rafaela is a director, a choreographer and also the major dance star, who in perfect harmony with four dancers, live musical accompaniment and enchanting singing creates various in shapes and amazingly forceful performance of art.
DANCE                                   MUSICIANS
Rafaela Carrasco                   Piano: Pablo Maldonado
Ricardo López                        Cello: José Luis López
José Maldonado                    Guitar: Jesús Torres, Juan Antonio Suárez “Canito”
Pedro Córdoba                      Vocals: Antonio Campos, Gema Caballero
David Coria

Sponsorship admission – VIP zone – 1st balcony row – 5.000,-
With this special ticket you will get the invitation to the reception, which takes place after the performance with the participation of major star – Rafaela Carrasco.

It is organized by Flamenkin and A.R.G.O. agency.

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